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Warran L. Huberman, Ph.D.
President, The Performance Consulting Group, LLC

The Performance Consulting Group, LLC, is a firm that develops top executives, senior managers, key leaders and professionals. Our firm assists companies in achieving their key business objectives by fully capitalizing on a single line of their balance sheet: their human resource portfolio. We use powerful motivational and performance enhancement technology to harness and then maximize the untapped potential of a company's human resource assets.

"The one thing that doesn't go away in a company is the character and humanity of its leader… That person has to be the best listener, the best interpreter, and most passionate driver of the company's purpose."

—MARY LOU QUINLAN, Vice Chairman, MacManus Group

We provide comprehensive services in three distinct areas:

I. Advisement, Development and Self-Actualization Projects

  • Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Management Team.
  • Coaching and developing top executives, senior managers, key leaders and professionals to increase individual competency.
  • Coaching and developing key contributors who have prematurely plateaued in their professional development and careerpath.
  • Coaching and developing technical professionals into consultants, partners, managers or leaders.
  • Coaching and developing advanced-degree professionals into consultants, managers and leaders.
  • Assessment and development of management teams to enhance group performance and increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Executive board and management team developmental retreats.

II. Compatibility / Goodness-of-Fit Consultations to Avoid Costly Mismatches and Improve Management Team Performance

"My theory is if you have the right person in the right place, you don't have to do anything else. If you have the wrong person in the job, there is no management known to man that can save you."

— WALTER WRISTON, Former Chairman & CEO, Citicorp
  • Pre-Hire Evaluations with Selection Advisement.
  • Pre-Promotion Evaluations and Candidate Development.
  • Careerpath Evaluations.
  • Development and Coaching.
  • In-Placement Evaluations and Counseling.
  • Succession Planning Evaluations and Candidate Development.
  • Conflict resolution and interpersonal workouts involving key but threatened relationships.

III. Trouble shooting and Fix-It Projects

  • Derailment intervention and turnaround coaching with valued, but under-performing, key employees to reduce costly turnover due to early departure or termination.
  • Prevention of an unwanted departure by a highly valued, key contributor.
  • Assessment and development of professionals working on a critical project to enhance communication and performance.
  • Facilitate creative out-placement of individuals who must leave the company due to non-performance, by helping the individual see the disconnection and respond objectively and proactively to it (a preferred option to termination).

Mental Health Matters

Our firm's assessment capabilities include 360 degree (multi-rater) instruments and computer-based instruments to measure and develop leadership skills and styles. All of our training and development capabilities are built on a platform of fast-follower design methods, compressed action learning, and Adult Learning Theory which, together, maximize motivation, minimize cost to the client, maximize customizability, and maximize organizational impact.