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Warran L. Huberman, Ph.D.
President, The Performance Consulting Group, LLC

The Global Consulting Partnership Overview

The Global Consulting Partnership (TGCP) is a closely affiliated network of 250 entrepreneurial consultancies. Each of the consultancies has been spawned by Brenner Consulting Group (BCG) and its groundbreaking Career Transformation System ToolBox. Dr. Mark Brenner, founder of BCG, has mentored in turn each founder of each of the network's consultancies. As a result, the Vision, Mission, Core Values, methodologies, instrumentation, and business development strategies of each of the Senior Consultants in TGCP are consistent and similarly integrative. As a group of consultants, we all come from similar professional background, have common competencies, are all over credentialed (!), hold many professional values in common, and now—as a result of the intensive and comprehensive apprenticeship provided by the Career Transformation System ToolBox—we all take a common approach to a set of 17 Coaching applications for business environments.

Warren L. Huberman, Ph.D., president of The Performance Consulting Group, LLC, is also a senior consultant with The Global Consulting Partnership.

TGCP Competencies

The Senior Consultants of TGCP are uniquely qualified to work side by side with the business world's most talented contributors, coaching them to greater levels of performance and personal satisfaction. Why?

Because at its very essence, Coaching involves working with individuals to assist them in shaping and changing key behavioral routines in a self-selected direction, targeted at personal objectives that are meaningful to the coaching candidate and important, even critical, to the future success of their careers and their lives overall. Coaching work, therefore, demands that individuals be highly trained in helping human beings modify their perceptions, attitudes, and behavior. Only clinically trained therapists and counselors have the full complement of competencies necessary to participate in this most demanding work.

What are the core competencies necessary to be qualified to work with an individual in a Coaching capacity?

  1. Advanced rapport-building skills and techniques that can quickly establish trust and confidence in the coach
  2. Diagnostic acumen
  3. A keen eye for non-rational behavior and the intervention methodologies required to neutralize it
  4. The ability to neutralize, harness, and channel the coaching candidate's resistance to the personal change process
  5. Systems thinking and causal analysis
  6. Psychological maturity and a humanistic orientation
  7. The ability to harness conflicts for constructive, and even creative, ends
  8. High-impact and accelerated behavior-change methodologies
  9. A deep understanding of motivational dynamics
  10. Patience and the genuine desire to help others in a selfless way

TGCP Senior Consultants have advanced degrees from graduate programs that develop precisely this set of competencies, not to mention the Senior Consultants' internships, post-doctoral fellowships, and other advanced training.

TGCP Capabilities

It's with this relatively rare set of competencies that our Senior Consultants come equipped to tackle the daunting task of providing 17 types of Coaching services in three distinct areas:

I. Development and Self-Actualization Projects

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Development
  • Management Development
  • Development of High Potentials
  • Development of Technical Professionals into Consultants, Partners, and/or Leaders
  • Development of Advanced-Degree Professionals into Managers and Executives

II. Goodness-of-Fit Studies

  • Pre-Promotion Evaluations and Development
  • Succession Planning Evaluations and Development
  • In-Placement Evaluations and Counseling
  • Career Development Evaluations and Counseling

III. Troubleshooting and Fix-It Projects

  • Derailment Prevention
  • Prematurely Plateaued Contributors
  • Unwanted-Exit Prevention
  • Relationship Breakdown Fix-Its
  • Creative Outplacement
  • Mental Health Matters

The TGCP Approach

  1. In a typical Coaching assignment—say Derailment Prevention—we'll ordinarily spend 25-35 hours over a period of 4-12 months with the candidate, as we move through our five-stage process:Assess --> Debrief --> Plan --> Act --> Reassess/Refine
  2. Ideally, each assignment is a highly collaborative effort among the three constituents - Candidate, Coach, and Management. While our Coaching process is confidential, we place the control of the information flow in the hands of the candidate and proactively encourage candidates to involve management, as much as possible, in the ongoing change process. In our Coaching Methodology, gains made by the candidate will sustain only if they have created "Change Partners" in their workaday environment.
  3. As our name implies, one of our core values is Partnership. This, then, is also an apt description of the nature of our relationship with our Coaching candidates. We are their Change Partner and are extremely active, participatory, and collegial in our involvement with our candidates. When it comes to their strengths, we are energetic and vocal cheerleaders. When it comes to their development needs and counter-productive tendencies, we are quick and candid in our efforts to demonstrate how such tendencies are self-defeating and, consequently, non-rational. In this sense we are proactively confrontational, but with all the finesse and sensitivity one would expect from such highly trained and experienced behavior change experts.
  4. In judging the value of our contribution to a client organization, we see performance - enhanced performance and increased satisfaction - as the bottom-line metric. Consequently, we are continually in contact with the organization (management and/or HR) to gauge the nature and extent of the candidate's change efforts. This is an essential feedback loop with which we progressively refine our Coaching intervention. Again, this reflects our underlying collaborative and partnering philosophy.
  5. Our specific approach to Leadership Development is grounded in the research on leadership. (There are in the neighborhood of 7,500 books and articles examining the phenomenon.) For example, we know that there are four valid and effective predictors of leadership potential, so we know what data to collect and what metrics to use when doing the front-end assessment of a leader or potential leader.

Similarly, there is a finite set of leadership skills and styles that a candidate must focus on and develop. We see four different spheres within which a future leader must concentrate: Mental Agility - Interpersonal Finesse - Change Mastery - Goal Orientation. Within these spheres there are 17 component competencies that drive performance.

The abridged version? We like the view of one of Silicon Valley's CEOs and Chairmen: "The most important trait of a good leader is knowing who you are."

Or, the TGCP version: Leadership Development occurs from the inside-out.

Global Experience

Within the Partnership we have Senior Consultants who have international consulting experience in the following countries and regions:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • UK
  • EC
  • Israel
  • Eastern Europe and Russia
  • North Africa
  • Hong Kong